Professor Winnik joins the Finland Distinguished Professor Program (FiDiPro)

Professor Winnik joins the Finland Distinguished Professor Program (FiDiPro)

Research project: Bioconjugated polymeric nanomaterials for industrial applications

Controlled synthesis and self-assembly of polymer-based bioconjugates will provide  broad array of novel materials for industrial applications (drug delivery, imaging, diagnostics, sensors, cell biological research tools). Despite its vast potential the technology of bioconjugated polymers and nano materials is under-developed field in Finland that needs to be improved. The project will generate an industrially applicable technology platform of bioconjugated polymeric nanostructures. The research involves versatile synthesis and testing of the nanomaterial libraries. The program will be carried out in close collaboration with industrial partners and special attention is paid to the generation of relevant IPR. The project will be linked also to the academic community in Finland beyond the project participants. This project will generate a platform of new polymer-based bioconjugated nanomaterials and relevant test methods for industrial applications. Companies from various fields are integral participants in the project.
Finnish host organization and contact person: University of Helsinki, Department of chemistry, Professor Heikki Tenhu

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